The first stage of quitting smoking is quitting tobacco. You can do this by going cold turkey which is very hard. Use therapeutic goods such as patches and gum. Or use other products or a combination.


Therapeutic goods such as patches and gum do help with nicotine withdrawal however they do not assist with the  psychological dependence.

Dr Pritam Gadia give his statement on green tea cigarettes.

In spite of all efforts across the globe to minimize smoking related health damage, Nicotine is still the No. 1 preventable cause of death, disability and disease. Where exactly are these health agencies and their coalition with multinational research companies failing? What is missing out from the current approach?

Current approaches towards smoking cessation are inclined more towards reducing physical addiction, providing symptomatic relief when withdrawal is ongoing. Introduction of e-cigarettes, nicotine patches, tablets and other devices is focusing only on reducing physical dependence while psychological dependence is often ignored.

Most recent advancement to combat both physical and psychological dependence is the green tea cigarette approach. In this practice, smokers are provided with completely nicotine free cigarettes containing green tea. These cigarettes are introduced to the person in staged manner where stage one aims to replace regular cigarette with one herbal cigarette and gradually increasing this number to three as we reach stage two.
Stage three aims to replace all regular cigarettes with these cigarettes and then cutting down 2 cigarettes every day until complete smoking cessation is achieved.

This approach not only maintains the appropriate blood nicotine levels during early stage and reduces it gradually, it has an added advantage of taking smoker to a stage when he no longer craves for another cigarette; essentially because the cigarettes don’t contain any nervous system stimulant or addictive substance.

Quitting smoking is a difficult task and smokers often go back to smoking once they have quit. This approach offers particular benefit in those cases also and therefore it is a wholesome & promising technique for smoking cessation.

~ Dr. Pritam Gadia



We suggest quitting tobacco first. Replace one of your regular tobacco cigarettes with a green tea cigarette alternating between the two.

Do this for two months.

For the next two months we suggest smoking one tobacco cigarette with three green tea cigarettes.

Once second two month stage is completed we suggest smoking only green tea cigarettes. If you get withdrawal symptoms that you cannot cope with, use a patch, gum or spray along with the green tea cigarettes. Smoke the green tea cigarettes for a month and then reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke per day by two a day until you are no longer smoking cigarettes.


Do not try and smoke the whole green tea cigarette.
Only smoke until you feel satisfied.
We have designed our product for you to want to throw the habit of tobacco away.